Affiliate Partner Opportunity with The Healer’s Academy ™️

Aloha Beloved,

We are so honored to have you join us as a Healer’s Academy affiliate. Thank you for being here, choosing this Divine Path and sharing your Sacred Medicine. The more we share these Alchemy Teachings we create a ripple effect of Love for all of Humanity. If you need support, please feel free to reach out to us here:

Affiliate commissions are 40% of the total sign-up pricing per person. If the new member pays in full, then you will receive 40% commission within 30 days of their registration date. If the new member chooses a payment plan upon registration, then you will receive 40% commission within 30 days for each payment during the duration of their payment plan.

Affiliates will receive access to our library of images and copy (swipe files to share on social media and your email list) to download. We can create custom graphics for you upon request. You can schedule a creative meeting to discuss concepts that best serve your community as an affiliate and Alumni of The Healer’s Academy ™️ Please reach out to our team here to request a creative affiliate meeting:

In Love & Reverence,
Jessica Valor | Team Love