Say Yes to You
A Luminary
The world needs you

We are here to help the world heal


Are you ready to?

  • release the fears, stories, patterns and pain of your past?
  • let go of self-doubt and live aligned with freedom in your heart?
  • step into your purpose and serve as a beacon of love to the world?
  • awaken to your Divine Power?

Now is the time to tune into your inner wisdom and live with courage.
This is your time to Heal, Inspire, Love & Lead.
This is the time for you to Rise & Receive.


Are you ready to

say yes to you and remove self-doubt forever?
Are you ready to tune into your inner wisdom and live with courage in your heart?
This is your time to Heal, Inspire, Love & Lead.
This is the time for you to Rise & Receive.


It’s time to embrace your role as a LightLeader and carve a new path


You are born
with the gift of intuition

and the power to heal
as a guide for the highest
love & light.

Welcome Luminary! It is with great love and joy that I offer this series of Divine Alchemy classes. In this beautiful and transformative time, many of us are being called to heal, to lead, and to offer our wisdom to the world in ways which we have never done before. In this perfect window of time you can truly step into change, release your fears, amp up your love and commit to becoming the LightLeader you are being called to be.

Sadly, most people do not tap into their gifts of intuition because they choose fear and do not believe in their own power and allow fear to drive their gifts away and block their dreams coming true.

But-times are changing.

The Universe is calling you to show up now more than ever and I promise to show you how to become your BEST self, stay connected with your intuition & Higher Self and receive the highest level of ascended energy healing.



  • Living from your heart’s center and making choices that are free of fear and self doubt
  • Activating your intuitive and healing power so it is infused in all you do naturally
  • Feeling 100% confident in your gifts for yourself and others
  • Learning to use ascended healing to deepen your spiritual practice and personal growth
  • Aligning with your Higher Self, life purpose and enjoying a life filled with peace & prosperity for you and in leadership for your tribe
  • Belonging to a community and building lifelong friendships
  • Making money doing what you love and add value to your life, business and clients’ lives
  • Manifesting abundance to add value to your personal and professional life

This is all possible and what can happen for you in the Ascended Healer’s Academy led by Jessica Valor – Oracle and Healer.

This is an all-inclusive, fun and step by step program to help you learn the power you possess and create a relationship with your intuition & Spirit like never before.

With ascended healing, you will become confident, fully aligned and embrace a spiritual & healing practice that is POWERFUL. Spirit is reminding you of your abilities and gifts and that now is the time to bring forward your Divine essence and share your healing energy in a way that brings magical results to everything you create and those you are called to inspire.


My promise to you

I promise to show you how to become your BEST self, stay connected with your intuition & Higher Self and receive the highest level of ascended energy healing.


You will

  • Receive my direct relationship with Source, Masters & Angels.
  • Connect with your I AM Presence at the Highest Level.
  • Detach from fragmented and fear based ego based thinking and dismiss old identities.
  • Detach from fragmented and fear-based ego-based thinking and dematerialize old beliefs and negative identities.
  • Own your power and understand your purpose and why you are here.
  • Reprogram your subconscious and activate your DNA to embody your illuminated Truth


What is ascended energy healing? (AEH)

Ascended energy healing is an easy, effective and fast way to heal your mind, body & spirit and clear through all space, time, and dimensions. AEH is an unwinding process where you will absolutely clear the root causes (clearing individual self, lineage and collectively) and fully release stuck emotions and return all of it back to love. We clear with ease through all that was, all that is and all that ever will be including past lives, akashic records, lineages and more. AEH is the accelerated energy system for healing and the new language to receive transmissions so you will feel stronger and even more connected to your Higher Self & Intuition.



Your Alchemy Classes


10 Divine Alchemy Classes to Ascend Your Energy & Evolve Your Soul




2 Options to Choose From

Are you ready to connect with your intuition and live a life free of resistance and doubt?
Are you ready to feel inspired and align with understanding your gifts?




Are you someone who loves to fly solo, learn on your own and go at your own pace?

Are you NOT ready to commit to 4 months of Live coaching but want to start healing your life and sharing your gifts NOW?

If so, The Luminary DIY is the perfect space for you

What you will receive:
• All Alchemy Classes
• Bonuses
• Lifetime access to all materials and training videos
• A Luminary certificate of completion (exit interview with Jessica required)





Are you someone who loves to learn in a group setting, and enjoy the community experience?

Do you love having access to a mentor to ask questions and dive deeper?

If so, The Luminary Group is the perfect space for you

What you will receive:
• 4 Monthly Live Virtual Group Calls with Jessica (60 minutes each) LIVE calls begin August 27, 2019 – December 10, 2019) (hot seat coaching, Live Q&A and Training for each Alchemy Class)
• 4 Monthly Live Group Guided Healing Sessions begin September 10th through December 17th, 2019
• All Alchemy Classes
• Bonuses
• Lifetime access to all materials and training videos
• Access to Private Facebook Group (Office Hours to support learning)
• All calls are recorded & you will have lifetime access to all course material, so you do not need to be on live although I love seeing you there!
• A Luminary certificate of completion (exit interview with Jessica required)


Big Bonuses


60-minute healing Session with Jess for clearing Blocks & Abundance Activation (Value $500)


Creating a High Vibe Space (Value $222)


Chakra Healing Alchemy Class (Value $97)

Meet Your Guide

Jessica Valor is an oracle, master energy healer, spiritual mentor, speaker, best-selling author and business strategist who delivers her programs to thousands every year on the topics of healing, conscious leadership, intuitive intelligence and personal development.

Jessica is a clear and powerful conduit for High-level Spirits. She awakened to the strengths of her clairvoyant, healing gifts in 2011 after her own “near-death experience” where she met with a council of Ascended Masters and returned to life to help the world heal and move through ascension.

She overcame a lifetime of trauma and abuse, plus survived a real death experience to be able to inspire you today with a compassionate and expansive heart filled with love for all you are here to accomplish. She spends her free time as a Domestic Goddess in Atlanta, GA, traveling adventures and always has her sweet fur baby Monji in tote.

The Healers Academy and Ascended Healing are channeled directly with High Realm Masters, Angels and Guides to help you ascend and activate the love and wisdom living in your heart.



This course is for you if

• You are a spiritual seeker or awakening and want to add the ultimate healing resource that is easy to use and integrate into your daily life
• You are done settling in your life and relationships and know you were made for more
• You have no idea if you are intuitive or not but are curious (trust me you are intuitive-everyone is and I will teach you how to stay connected)
• You have taken other energy healing courses
• You have never taken an energy healing course
• You want to feel grounded and increase the value and quality of your life

This course is for anyone who wants to fall in love with their life and enjoy happy and healthy relationships. I promise you; all you need is an open heart and mind to be a rock star A + student!

This course is not for you if

• You are not serious about healing your old stories and do not desire a better way of living
• You are not ready to say yes to you (you can be afraid but at the same time you have to be ready to take steps toward change)
• You are not open to connecting with your highest level of intuition
• You have no interest in energy healing and are not open to Angels or Spiritual conversations



Self Study – The Luminary
• The DIY is truly at your own pace with no live group calls.
• Group Level Dates
Live Group Coaching Calls + Live Q&A Dates: 7:00 PM EST – 8: 30PM EST September 4th, October 2nd, November 6th, December 4th
Live Group Healing Calls: 7:45 PM EST – 8: 45PM EST September 11th, October 9th, November 13th, December 11th
Yes, this course offers a practical and easy to follow guide with training videos and connecting with Jessica to support your best outcomes.
Everyone is different, but for the first time you go through the program, we recommend that you set aside time in your schedule to go through one class per week. This could mean going through a full class at a time or doing 30 minutes a day. Please do what works best for you; it’s more important to begin integrating the knowledge, healing and practices into your daily life than to rush through and complete it quickly. Once you’ve completed the program, we recommend incorporating some of the healing tools and visualizations into your daily practice. For most people their ongoing daily practice is 10 – 30 minutes. Taking daily action so that you can keep momentum is more important than the amount of time you spend on the activities.

Some clients can only commit 1-2 hours a week, while others set aside additional time each week for implementation. The Academy support you wherever you are on your journey.

You’ll receive access to the live recordings for LIFE, so you can learn and implement whenever you need to, time and time again!

We recommend that you start at the beginning of the program and go through it in order once. Some of the activities only need to be completed once, while other parts of the system are tools that can be incorporated into your daily rituals or used when limiting beliefs or emotions or whatever calls to be healed arises for you or your clients. After you’ve gone through the classes, you can then apply the tools and daily practices in a way that feels good to you and fits within your lifestyle. Remember, focus on quality and consistency over quantity!
Healing is a journey and since energy is always in movement, it is vital to embrace the new energy and knowledge of ascended healing as an added benefit and resource for your own souls’ evolution.

If you haven’t yet manifested the life, work, love, relationships, sex life, and fulfillment you desire, then this course will help you to do so. If you’ve manifested some of those things but not to the level you want or with ease, e.g. you’ve had to “work really hard” for everything so far, then this course will help you to bring your dreams to the next level with greater ease and more quickly.

Manifesting has everything to do with healing!

We’ve designed this as a System so that, unlike the courses we’ve taken in the past, you can continue to apply these energy resources daily and revisit the system more intensively as you uplevel in life and business. This is a LIFETIME SYSTEM so that you can manifest with ease and speed and bring to light your deepest gifts and desires.

No. And not simply because the content is instantly-accessible, but because we totally over-deliver with everything we create, and we know that this system will work as long as you’re committed to going through it. If you don’t believe this course can work for you, if you’re looking for a magic bullet that will simply get you results by hitting the “buy” button, and/or if you’re not willing to put in a few minutes every day towards healing your energy and achieving your dreams, then this course won’t bring you the results you desire. If any of those apply to you, we recommend you don’t buy this system, as it will only work if you do.


Hear what the
Alumni are saying


  • “I joined because I know you are the Master at connecting with the other realms. I am a natural at my gifts, but I ready to hone in on the details and build a level of skill to go above and beyond. I am ready to truly elevate and expand my remembering. I know you will be the perfect person to guide me through. I currently connect with Angels, Guides, those who have crossed over, etc… I just don’t feel like I always get the entire picture. I believe there is more to see, hear, feel and I either don’t ask or I get to continue opening so ALL of it comes through. (Hope that makes sense.) I would like to learn more about specific Archangels and Ascended Masters to call in for specific things. My go tos are Raphael and Micheal, but I know I am leaving lots of support and guidance on the table.”

    Elyse ~ a coach and intuitive healer expanded her confidence and healing skills so she can offer even more value to her own life and her clients.

  • “I joined because I met Jessica and had an immediate connection with her. I knew that I was ready to do something special with my life and I wanted to help the corporate world see the there is love and light in the world and not such stress and anger.”

    Cathy ~ a woman on a spiritual journey learned to connect with her Angels and intuition and is NOW manifesting exactly what she wants.

  • “I joined the Ascended Healers Academy looking to open up more to my intuition. I received much much more . Through working with Jess, I learned so much about myself and my God given gifts. I gained self-esteem in myself and in my abilities to help others.”

    Jamie ~ Yoga teacher and healer is now confident and in tune with her authentic self and gifts so she can now help others!

  • “I joined the Academy because I’ve worked with Jessica before and completely believe and trust in her healing and teaching abilities. I also know how she over delivers so if she says you are going to get xyz, you will actually get much more. My experience in the Ascended Healer’s Academy specifically exactly the same…full of lots of education, learning, healing, support.”

    Kara ~ A Reiki Master Teacher says her biggest takeaway is learning how to connect with Angels and Ascended Masters to strengthen her spiritual connection knowing she is supported and guided in her purpose and life.

  • “I joined the Ascended Healer’s Academy to learn about the New Earth and how we can support the Ascension process and to learn more healing techniques to support my clients with. I believe deeply in Jessica Valor as a Medium and Healer, and therefor in her offerings. It is an honour to be mentored by her, as I strengthen my own gifts. I am most excited about opening my intuitive channels further to connect more fully with ascended masters, angels and guides. Learning the different healing techniques; quantum healing and healing lineages, past lives.”

    Alli Nelson ~ Healer & Kundalini Yoga Teacher

  • “Jess is an alignment wizard who will call your soul… to trust your birthright reality: That you are loved, that you are a co-creator with a divine right to be here. That your message and your light matters. That there is no time to waste limiting yourself! Own it! Plus, I love the accountability, but it goes deeper than the obvious. This is about showing up for your life, your commitments, and your purpose!!! So you can be found by those who you are meant to serve in your unique essence. Alignment is key. Trust in your True Self and your message/mission/service in this world will blow you away.”

    Natalie Foster of True Self institute – Healer & Therapist

  • “Jessica Valor is truly one of the greats and is an impeccable channel. I trust her guidance of the high truth and compassion specifically for my own readings as a medium myself. If you’re looking for authentic guidance and sense of purpose & direction, I endlessly recommend working with Jessica.”

    Emily Aube ~ Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Coach, Author, Speaker & Writer

  • “Jessica radiates with loving clairvoyance. Her approach to healing is ambitious, committed and empowering. She carries herself in such a raw, passionate manner that you immediately become energized in her presence. She is a beautiful, loving conduit for the divine energy. Whatever guidance you are seeking, look no further.

    Heather Regan ~ Soul Centered Psychotherapist

  • “I have been working with Jessica Valor for the past several months for business and personal life support. She is such a gift! Jessica has a very loving and healing presence and is able to help me move through blocks that I have had my whole life. After having healings with Jess, my energy and life has completely shifted and I now am able to be more joyful and abundant. My business is growing, my love life is blossoming, and I am now able to manifest with greater ease. I cannot believe what a huge shift I have had in only a few months since working with Jess. She is incredibly intuitive, attuned, and loving. I get so much out of my work with her, and cannot recommend her enough!”

    Nicole Ford ~ Psychotherapist & Soul Coach

  • “I have worked with a ton of coaches, mentors and professionals on my journey and Jessica Valor is the real deal! I am amazed at her gifts and talents and her ability to tune into a higher source and use that information to help and serve her clients is first class.But what I most admire about Jessica is her heart. Her genuine heartfelt caring and compassion for her clients. If there is an area of your life where you feel “stuck” and your looking for some guidance I highly recommend Jessica.”

    Joe Amoia ~ Relationship Coach at GPS for Love

  • “In one month – opened my doors to my own unique spiritual business, claimed my me-ness, and began implementing real action steps! I now have 8 clients and expanding! I built a website, an email list, and started a newsletter. Created a successful monthly networking group for other healing professionals and resolved self-doubt issues around stepping into my power as a change maker and Light leader in my community, owning my true self in my work, life, and biz.
    Plus, my relationship is in a great place to boot partly due to me honoring my true self needs and growing up into a mature woman who trusts her intuition and believes in herself.”

    Natalie Foster of True Self institute – Healer & Therapist

  • “The healing with Jessica, was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I knew that I wanted to implement my own healing’s in the work that I do with survivors of trauma. It’s given me an added boost of confidence as a healer. I never viewed myself in that form before but as I continued with the program, I realized that my passion for working with survivors of sexual assault and Domestic Violence is to help them heal. It’s given me the tools to add to the services that I provided as an Empowerment coach for survivors of trauma and yoga teacher. These teachings will be incorporated in my business going forward. I think these teachings elevate all healing modalities. I can use it for yoga and Reiki.”

    Vanessa Judge – Yoga Teacher

  • “Jess is one of the hardest working humans I know! She is wonderfully organized and very intelligent. If you have never had someone hold space for you, Jess is the epitome. Open your heart and be ready to be overwhelmed by love.”

    Anjanette Conway – Spiritual Life Coach

  • “I don’t know how anyone can live without someone holding this kind of space for them. I have never felt so much love and everything has shifted for me in such a short time. Working with Jessica has been transformative. I have had the privilege to work with Jessica personally and professionally with her healing sessions and business mastermind. The changes I have noticed in both areas of my life have opened up exponentially from personal healing to new business growth. Jessica has a true gift to give to others.”

    Kathryn Vigness – Author & Coach


to hear from Academy Alumni




Limited Spots Available!

We already have
over 40 Alumni!


Now is the time to receive your prosperity & align with your True Self.
Divine Alchemy is the gateway to your intuition & Higher Self.
Now is the time to ascend your energy and evolve your soul.
We have shifted into a new paradigm. We are being called to step into our power.

This is your time to Heal, Inspire, Love & Lead.
This is the time for you to Rise & Receive.
Welcome Luminary!


It is with great love and joy that I offer this series of ascension teachings.
In this beautiful and transformative era on Earth, many of us are being called to heal, to lead, and to share our wisdom with the world in ways which we have never done before.
This is your perfect window of time to step into change, release your fears, embody more love and commit to becoming the Luminary you are being called to be.

Now is your time to bring peace to your heart & lead an inspired life.


Registration Ends August 22nd


You will receive access to class 1 and your bonus session with Jessica and all other classes will be released on or before September 1st.