The Healer’s Academy™️

From: $437.00 / month for 9 months

Settle into your intention.

Please take a moment and settle into your intention for this sacred experience. Place your hand over your heart and take a few nice deep breaths.

Honor this time and space in your life and the Divine path you are feeling called to walk. Call your Benevolent Guides forward to love and bless you as you step into your True- Power and place on the altar all no longer serving You.

With all the Love in my heart, may you know you are a Living Prayer.

Starlight, Jessica

Investment Options

There are two paths with pay in full or a payment plan available for you.

Pay in full or a payment plan is available for you. (Value Is Well Over $12,000)

  • Pay in Full $3777
  • 9 payments of $437
  • Apprentice Path – Pay in Full $5897
  • Apprentice Path- 9 payments of $677

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